Gait MyoElectric Stimulator (GMES)

Getting back to normal through improved gait function

A patented, reciprocal dual stimulator to help improve walking ability in patients with neuromuscular conditions.

About GMES

The Problem

Current functional electric stimulation (FES) devices focus on stimulating only one muscle group to overcome foot drop, the inability to raise the front of the foot. Some devices that simply lift the foot do not smooth the halted gait, so a significant abnormal gait pattern may persist. Clinicians who treat patients with neuromuscular deficits of the lower extremities, ultimately want to improve and restore a more natural gait for their patients.

Two common options to control the ankle during walking include 1) Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFO) which braces the foot to prevent it from dropping, and 2) a single-channel FES which improves foot drop but ignores the contribution that the plantar flexors provide for a more natural gait. In addition, several of the FES devices on the market are cost prohibitive for many people.

The Solution

GMES, an innovative FES system, incorporates proprietary dual-stimulator technology to help improve the walking ability in patients with neuromuscular conditions, such as stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and peripheral vascular disease. Its patented FES electronics and software infrastructure addresses both the plantar flexors and dorsiflexors, and activates the muscles controlling the ankle. The GMES therapy uses the principles of neuroplasticity to modulate neural pathways that enable the voluntary movement of the muscles needed to activate the paretic and weak muscles. GMES technology can also be easily adapted to activate the muscles controlling the knee, as well as other muscle groups.


GMES is a patented non-significant risk, stimulation system designed to meet Class II, 510k FES medical device requirements. GMES:

CLINICAL STUDIES demonstrating effectiveness of GMES


Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to Dorsiflexors and Plantar Flexors During Gait to Improve Walking in Adults with Chronic Hemiplegia

David G. Embrey, PhD, Sandra L. Holtz, PT, Gad Alon, PhD, Brenna A. Brandsma, DPT, Sarah Westcott McCoy, PhD

Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2010 May;91(5):687-96.


A FES system that stimulates dorsiflexors and plantar flexors, similar to the timing of typical adult gait, combined with daily walking, can improve the walking ability of adults with hemiplegia.


Comparing Four Electrical Stimulators with Different Pulses Properties and Their Effect on The Discomfort and Elicited Dorsiflexion

Gad Alon, David G. Embrey, Brenna A. Brandsma, Jeff Stonestreet

Int. J. Physiother Res 2013, Vol1(4):122-29.


Shortening the phase duration resulted in a more comfortable and more efficient stimulation that may lead to designing a lower profile, lighter weight, and more cosmetic FES.


Functional Electrical Stimulation Improves Quality of Life by Reducing Intermittent Claudication

David G. Embrey, PhD, Gad Alon, PhD, Brenna A. Brandsma, DPT, Felix Vladimir, MD FACS

Int J Cardiol. 2017 Sep 15;243:454-459.


Walking with FES markedly reduced ischemic pain and enhanced QOL compared to just walking.

FES while walking, may offer an effective treatment option for the elderly with PAD and Intermittent Claudication.

3 published clinical studies

Potential to help patients relearn how to walk independently, without long-term dependence on the device.

Showed 19.4% and 32.7% increases in walking endurance and speed, respectively
Improved quality of life and muscle strength in stroke patients

Clinical benefits of GMES lasted 8-12 weeks after the conclusion of therapy



David Embrey, Samuel Augsburger

Muscle stimulation method and system to improve walking



David Embrey, Jeffrey Stonestreet, Gadi Alon

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) method and system to improve walking and other locomotion functions


Intuitive and easy-to-use

Comfortable, soft-sleeved cuff with hook & loop fastening (electrodes housed in the cuff, so no adhesives or exposed wires)

Automatically adjusts to walking faster or slower

Convenient pocket for remote wireless control

Dual stimulation mimics normal walking function
Software with Bluetooth can customize patient settings

Market Potential

Market Need

There are an estimated 795,000 stroke patients annually in the United States.

In addition, in the US there are many people living with other neuromuscular conditions that affect mobility, that could benefit from GMES:

Market Segments

Physical therapist and healthcare providers (i.e. neurologists )
working with


GMES FES Devices Used for Drop Foot
Stimulates synergistic muscles, improving joint movement and stability Stimulates only the dorsiflexor muscles
Mimics natural walking function with reciprocal dual stimulation enabled by motion sensors Aims to prevent tripping, lifting drop foot only, not restore a natural gait
Shows potential to help patients relearn how to walk independently Requires long term use, resulting in dependence on the device indefinitely
Intuitive and easy-to-use wireless system May be difficult for patients to use leading to frustration or ceasing therapy
An affordable device to reach those who need it the most Single channel FES wireless systems are priced between $4,500-$6,000 out-of-pocket cost (without reimbursement) - unaffordable for many patients


David Embrey, PT, PhD

Gad Alon, PT, PhD

Jeffrey Stonestreet

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